Disney World: Festival of the Arts food

We had over 20 snack points to use, and we were already on day 5 of our trip. We decided to use up some points at the Festival of the Arts food kiosks.

A snack is not limited to a cookie or soft drinks . If you see the purple dining plan logo, you can use a snack credit.

We started at the Mexico pavilion and picked items we could share, or weren’t too filling. We chose the Agave Pork Belly, which was warm, served over a chilled lentil salad. Very delicious!

We continued toward Germany, and had Nudel Gratin (cheese noodle) and an apple strudel with vanilla sauce. Out of pocket was the Warsteiner Dunkel beer.

Just outside the German pavilion was a kiosk selling Corvina, which was a generous portion of fish over ratatouille.

Next stop was Italy, where the snacks were pricy! $10 each for a shrimp salad and a chicken leg. Thanks to the dining plan… no charge!

We took a break from eating and popped into the Japan pavilion before continuing to the United States for an ice Joffrey coffee, a Beef Wellington and pan seared scallops. Delicious!

By now, we were beyond full… but had just enough room for dessert at Morocco.

We literally ate our way around the world!

By this time, the sun was going down, and we were thinking of going back to the hotel. I decided to buy some new mouse ears, and Stephen went looking for German mouse ears we had found the day before. When we went back to Germany, the ears were gone. It took Stephen about half an hour to track down the German ears, and he got them for me as a gift 💕

We left around 7:00, but not before getting some magic shot photos.