Disney World: Animal Kingdom / Kilimanjaro Safari & Avatar: Flight of Passage

It’s our 6th and final day at Disney World, and our final theme park is the Animal Kingdom. It’s probably my least favorite of the 4 parks, but it’s also been 6 years since I was last here.

We had a morning FastPass for the Kilimanjaro Safari so we could catch the animals having breakfast. The timing was perfect. We saw plenty of animals on this tour.

The next stop was at the new land of Pandora, on the Avatar Flight of Passage ride. I was told it was a must ride and a FastPass was also a must obtain. The advice was spot on!

The ride is like going on Soaring, but you wear virtual glasses and you are sitting on something similar to a bike. The bike moves side to side but nothing dramatic. Stephen gave the ride two sticks up! 👍🏽

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