Disney World: Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Villas, Kidani Village

Our last dinner at Disney World was at the Animal Kingdom Kidani Village. I actually think we saved the best for last.

We had to get there from our hotel, and the bus service was delayed due to a tornado watch. The only option to make it was to hire a Lyft car service, which was about $9 one way.

Since the hotel was located near the Animal Kingdom Park, there was an area in the hotel that you can view animals. We spotted some just outside the hotel before going to dinner.

We were told that we must get the signature bread service. It’s 5 different types of naan with 9 dipping sauces for $18. Since it wasn’t included in the dining plan, we paid for the dish.

For our entree, I had the South African Barrivleis, which were 3 grilled meats (lamb, pork and sausage) with traditional sides.

Stephen had the Potjie Inspired “Pick 3” items, and he went meatless: Chickpeas, Lentil, and Paneer (cheese) Tikka served with Basmati rice. He also ordered a Painted Lemur as his cocktail.

Dessert was our favorite. We ordered Kheer: a coconut rice pudding. I am not a fan of coconut, but this one was so refreshing.. I would have licked the bowl if no one was looking.