Disney California Adventure: Food and Wine Festival

It’s back! The Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is here until April 21st. Foodies can also purchase the Sip and Savor pass to save money on most of the tasting plates. The Sip and Savor Pass is $56, including tax for 8 tasting tabs. Annual Passholders receive a discounted price of $51, which includes a special Passholder magnet.

On this visit, we were able to try 7 tastings from 4 marketplace locations. Our first tasting was the Brunch Fried Chicken and Waffle sandwich, with mimosa inspired slaw and OJ bubbles from Golden Dreams, followed by Mini Chicken Chimis and Shrimp and Braised Corn from Off the Cob marketplace.

From Off the Cob, we preordered our food for Cluck-a-Doodle-Moo and picked the Ranch Fried Chicken wings and the French Onion Grilled Beef Tenderloin slider.

Our final stop was at the Paradise Garden Grill and had the Beer-battered fish taco and the Brisket fries.

Overall the food was good. Of all the choices, the brisket fries was disappointing. It was too sweet and the shoestring potatoes couldn’t hold up to all the sauces. The chicken chimi was a bit spicy and also not my favorite. I did like the chicken and waffle, and the shrimp and braised corn.

We still have 1 tab available, and another full one for next time. Marketplaces we still have to visit are: Nuts about Cheese, Uncork, California Craft Brew, One in a Mellon, Peppers Cali-ente, LA Style, Avocado Time, I ❤️Artichokes, Berry Patch, and Garlic Kissed… that’s a lot of places left to check off!

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