Boozy Sanitizers and COVID-19

Since March, the entire country has been under a self containment plan. People who weren’t considered “essential” worked from home. Finally California started lifting restrictions, and as of Friday, June 19, we entered stage 3.

I had the day off and decided to go on a day trip to Paso Robles, California to visit some distilleries and pick up some sanitizers. There’s a reason why.

Story behind the sanitizers

During this lockdown period, distilleries shifted gears and went from making boozy drinks to boozy sanitizers, giving high grade hand sanitizers to first responders, hospitals and businesses. These people are the unsung heroes who have been protecting the community.

Back in May, I decided to purchase some Moonshine turned Sanitizers by Nashville distillery Ole Smoky @olesmokey. That led to me picking up more sanitizers starting locally from California.

I decided to make it a quest to get a sanitizer from each American state. I knew I had a small window of time to collect these things, before the distilleries went back to making alcohol for consumption.

I even started an Instagram account dedicated to the sanitizers that I purchased from the different American distilleries and wineries. Follow my account under @boozy_sanitizers.

My continued quest led me to the California Central Coast on June 19, to pick up a few more boozy sanitizers.

Here are five distilleries I visited and what I picked up:

Donati Family Vineyard, @donatiwine, located at 2720 Oak View Rd Templeton, California

Krobār Craft Distillery @krobarcraftdistillery located at 2174 W Highway 46 Paso Robles, California

Calwise Spirits @calwisespirits located at 3340 Ramada Dr. Suite B Paso Robles, California

Bethel Rd. Distillery and Winery @bethelrddistillery, located at 1266 N Bethel Rd Templeton, California

RE:FIND Distillery @refinddistillery, located in 2725 Adelaida Road Paso Robles, California

When things get back to “normal” I’ll definitely go back with Stephen and enjoy a signatory drink from each distillery. Until then. Cheers!

Distilleries making sanitizers
to help the fight against COVID-19

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