San Diego: Myungrang (aka: Korean Corn Dog)

Tonight I had my first Myungrang. Myung-what? It’s also known as a Korean Corndog.

The concept is the same as an American corn dog except batter is made of rice flour, not cornmeal. We tried one at a mall in San Diego, specifically La Jolla at a place called ZZanG.

I tried their Classic Sausage and Potato, and it was recommended to top with sugar, yes sugar. When fried, the potatoes took on a French fry taste, which I could see drizzling in ketchup instead. I opted to go sugar, which actually wasn’t bad.

Stephen chose the spicy Cajun Deluxe Sausage, drizzled in spicy cheddar cheese. It wasn’t a hot dog, but more of a homemade sausage. It had bits of peppers inside to give it heat.

It’s not that cheap for corn dogs… about $5 each. They are big, and more carbohydrates, so do take it in mind. I think next time I would get the cheese filled one, and top it with more cheese.

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