San Diego: Raised by Wolves, a speakeasy @raisedbywolvesspirits

My coworker saw a very cool speakeasy on Instagram, and said I must check it out. I was already planning to drive down to the San Diego area, and added it to my calendar.

Raised by Wolves is located in a posh mall in La Jolla. All of the luxury stores and restaurants are here. This speakeasy definitely fit right in.

I would recommend eating prior to your visit. There’s no food service here. There are restaurants and even a fancy food court, where we had the Korean corn dogs.

It’s located near the Apple store, adjacent to posh London clothing store, Ted Baker. The store looks like a regular booze store. Ok, high end booze store. They have a bottle that cost $20,000! Even the price card said: “Fuuuuuuccckkk”!

Once inside, check in with the host. When it’s your turn, you get a one way trip through the fireplace.

Inside is a very beautiful but dimly lit place. The cocktails are pretty pricey but well thought out. You pay for a beautiful constructed cocktail. Kudos to the mixologist!

There’s a 1-1/2 to 2 hour time limit, based on party size. They didn’t really reinforce it, but after our 2 hours, we had plenty. We parked near Nordstrom and paid $4 for our 4 hour time at the mall.

We would love to visit again.

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