London: Sightseeing

On our first day, the Ducks arranged a half day tour of London. Even though I’ve been to London numerous times, its always nice to be a tourist and see the sites with friends who have never been.

Twining Tea shoppe

WESTMINSTER ABBEY – First stop on the tour!

There’s Roger!

BUCKINGHAM PALACE:  Her Royal Highness, the Queen, was not at home.

The gates of the palace
Buckingham Palace

The Ducks gave us plenty of free time to wander around London on our own. One of my favorite (and touristy) attractions when I visit is going on the London Eye, sponsored by British Airway.  Its like a ferris wheel, but you’re confined inside a capsule, and you get a breathtaking view of the Thames and London. 

The London Eye Capsule
Sandy and Wally waving from the ground, as we lift off.
 View from the Eye
 View from the Eye
View of Parliament, Big Ben, and the River Thames 
The inside the London Eye
The capsule directly across from us
A London neighborhood


The highlight of the whole trip!!

The place Lord Stanley purchased the Cup is located at 130 Regent Street. We almost did not find it. The place was under construction, with the outside all boarded up. The original silversmith/jewelry store was moved, and in its place was going to be a shoe store. The construction worker we spoke to did not know the significance of the plaque. His boss thought it “could be” important so they decided not to remove it.

130 Regent Street is located near Picadilly Circus. Its on the corner of Regent Street and Regent Place.

When you walk through the doors, look up and right

(if the plaque is still there!)

130 Regent Street