June 28: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

We arrived yesterday in Dublin, only to turn around and head back to the airport the next day to fly to Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

We promised a friend that the next time we were in Europe, we would stop at her hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne, along the coast in the northern part of England. The city is closer to Scotland than London.

I met Karen back in 1996-97 when both of us were mini plan holder for the (then) Mighty Ducks. She used to live in So Cal and we kept in touch when she moved back home.

Newcastle is home to the Newcastle Brown Ale, Newcastle United (Football team), and home of the Earl Grey tea guy.

Karen and her mother was wonderful hosts. They picked us up from the airport and drove us around their city. We had cream tea and scones at Peter Barrett’s, which is a garden center department store with a wonderful cafeteria. Sunday was a bad day to go shopping, as many shops were closed, or closed early. After the cream tea, we drove to the beach and had soft serve ice cream and coffee, walked around an old site which used to be a Priory, and then had drinks at a pub to kill some time before meeting Karen’s friends Jill and Helen for dinner.