Kissing the Blarney Stone in Cork

Another day of waking up early for a 8:55 am flight..this time to the city of Cork, which is where the Blarney Castle is located. It one of those bucket list items I’ve always wanted to do, and yet have no clue where Cork is.

The locals say that there’s 2 seasons for Dublin, rain and no rain.  We were fortunate to have no rain until this day, and lost the nice, amicable weather to a rainy morning, which followed us to Cork as well. When we got to Cork, we had to take the Bus Eireann from the airport to the city center and then take bus 224 to Blarney.

Each leg took about 1/2 hour. The cost of the round trip bus ride was 9,70 per person. The rain made it hard to enjoy the day, and to top it off, our camera broke just as we were going up to the castle. So this will be the end of the pictures.

We returned back to Dublin that same evening at 8:30 pm, and went to the Temple Bar for some live Irish Music and dinner. We had dinner a wonderful, but pricey dinner at Oliver St. John Gogarty, which was a 3 level bar, restaurant and accommodations. Martin had the corned beef and cabbage and I had the cream mussels. It was a very long day, and we ended up calling it an evening around midnight.