Day 4: Oscar Wilde, shopping and churches

Today was the “meat and potatoes” of the trip, which include spending all day walking around the city.  We started off at Marion Square where we found the Oscar Wilde grave site.

Then, we went onto Graton Street, which is a main shopping boulevard. We found Molly Malone, Dublin’s “Tart with the cart”. Martin got some “Irish” souvenirs, and we had lunch at the flagship Marks and Spencer, which is a department store.  Across the street from Marks and Spencer was the expensive Brown Thomas department store.  We recognized the doorman from the Samantha Brown travel show, and took a few snapshots with him.

After lunch used our 2nd day of the Hop on/ Hop off pass and went to the St. Patrick’s Cathedral (which cost 5.50 euros per person). Jonathan Swift was buried here, and we assumed this was a Catholic church. Although it has the word Saint, is is not a Catholic church, as we could tell immediately upon walking in. 


We stopped at ChristChurch, but that too, was not a Catholic Church. We started wondering if Ireland was even Catholic! We found out that Catholics were not predominate in this part of Ireland, and in the past, they had to practice in secret, and were told their churches had to be smaller than the Church of Christ.

We finally went to St. Michan’s Church… not because we were church hopping, but because this particular one had preserved (not embalmed) mummies in the crypt of the church. We saw this on one of Samantha Brown’s TV show.. and it was creepy (but worth the price of admission). Unfortunately we were forbidden to take pictures of the mummies.

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