Chasing food trucks in Denver, CO

Every season I organize a trip for a bunch of Ducks fans to watch the team play at an NHL city. This year, we picked Denver. There’s a total of 25 of us, but 19 took the 6:45am flight from Long Beach. After checking into the Magnolia hotel, everyone was free to do their own thing.

Ducks fans on the party bus! (note the stripper pole)

On Friday, Karen and I went to the Artist Walk to find mobile food cuisine.

At 4:00 pm, we took bus number 1 and located @QuieroArepas, which features Venezuelan cuisine. Their truck was not ready, and they were selling at the  indoor Farmers Market at 200 Santa Fe Avenue. We had two arepas: one with stewed shredded beef, black beans, plantains & cheese, and one with just plantains and cheese.



We continued our quest and walked from 2nd Street all the way to 8th Street and found @CrockSpot,@StickFood, & @iKneadPizza.

At Crock Spot, you pick a grain, protein and sauce. The one featured in this blog has pearl barley, jalapeno beef, and a chipotle / chimichurri sauce.


At Stick Food, we picked up waffle with nutella, angus beef & chicken, and mashed potato balls.



 Lastly at Basic Kneads, we picked up a Margharita and a Sausage and Rosemary pizza. Denver’s food truck scene is starting to bloom. They have a long way to go, and I hope the community embraces it.


We took a taxi from the Art Walk back to the hotel. One nice feature of our hotel was the complementary cookies and milk from 8:00-10:00 pm. It was a great way to end an evening.

Milk and cookies… Mmmmm!