Legoland, not just for kids

I heard Legoland was a place just for kids. Well I went and its partially true, but adults can enjoy the intricate things throughout the park built with legos.

I met my friend and his two kids on a Saturday. Parking was $ 12 for regular, but I upgraded to Preferred for $ 20, and parked just a few feet from the main entrance.

The park is set up in a loop. The wait time averaged half hour, and adults can ride on most attractions.
My only complaint is the wimpy hours they have. 10:00 am-5: 00 pm. Yes… 5 pm!

Here are photos of things from the park.

Preferred parking… worth the price!

The entrance at Legoland

Pharoah’s Adventure

The real Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Legoland

The Mirage @Legoland

Little Chapel of Las Vegas at Legoland

Venetian at Legoland

Paris at Legoland

Luxor at Legoland

New York at Legoland

New York at Legoland
New York at Legoland
Miniland at Legoland

Marina at Legoland

Star Wars in sand

Star Wars at Legoland
Star Wars at Legoland
Millenium Falcon at Legoland

Star Wars at Legoland