Monty Python’s Spamalot is coming back to LA!


During one of my random converstations I had with Jeff, we were talking about Monty Python, and the subject of Spamalot came up. I commented the musical was hilarious, and remembered seeing it in London. I didn’t realize that I saw it when I was in London and Paris in 2008… over 3 years ago. (Wow, it’s been that long?)

Anyhoo, I get an email from the Center Theatre Group, announcing the touring group is coming to the Panteges at the end of February/ beginning of March. I want to see it again, and thought it would make a good birthday gift for Jeff, as he’s never seen it. Ok, ok, I don’t need a reason to buy tickets, but I have to justify going, right?

 It’s a great musical, and you don’t have to see the original Monty Python’s Holy Grail to understand it. Actually, you may not completely understand it (you know, British humour), but its a show still worth seeing.

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