San Diego Zoo and Chargers

Anna couldn’t attend the Chargers game, and asked if I wanted to go since Jeff is a Chargers fan.  Jeff suggested going to the San Diego zoo before the game, and we left Orange County at 10:00 am.  Normally it takes only 1 1/2 hours to get to San Diego… unless there’s a major accident.  A family’s mini van was side swiped near Camp Pendleton, creating a back up to Oceanside. 

Still have an hour to go!



At 12:30 pm, we finally made it to the Zoo. 

Parking was free, but since we arrived so late, the only space available were in the back of the parking lot.  I was determined to find one close, and after circling the lot three or four times, I found one in section C: for Ferret?

Below are photos of the various animals we saw at the zoo. 
At 4:00, we left the zoo and made our way to the Chargers game.  We parked at Hazard Center like we did last time, and took the trolley to Qualcomm Stadium.   San Diego came back in the 4th quarter and beat Dallas.28-20. making them 2-0 for preseason.
Go Chargers! #BoltUp

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