On Thursday, my original plan was to hang out with Karen, and head over to Yorba Linda, where 3 of her favorite food trucks were parked. She even texted me that she was going to “feast”! Well, that sort of didn’t happen since I received an email saying there were open tickets available for the screening of “ParaNorman”, an animated cartoon from the makers of Caroline.  

The screening was being shown at the AMC Outlets of Orange, formerly known as the “Block of Orange”. We did not know that the movie was going to be in 3D, and the screening company gave us the special “ParaNorman” 3D glasses.   

You don’t become a hero by being NORMAL

 The movie was better than I anticipated.  Originally I was not going to see the movie (even for free). I am not a fan of “zombie” type animation, and I also didn’t know what the movie was about.  There were dark, adult humor, addressed the issue of school bullying, and there was even an openly gay character.  Would I watch this again? Probably not.  Would I recommend this movie? Sure..   I’d give it a B+ for entertainment value.  I’d pick other movies before this one, but overall, very entertaining.


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