February 2014: Berlin, Germany

Our trip to Germany almost didn’t happen as we received word from Air France that our flight got canceled! Fortunately Delta helped us out, and I was able to get us on Lufthansa, and we made it, even though for the 12 hours, Stephen and I were seated at opposite ends of the plane from each other.

We finally made it, and our first glimpse of Berlin was from our taxi.

We stayed at the Radisson Blu, a wonderful hotel, located near the “museum row”, close to most attractions and the train/ bus stop. In the lobby was a famous aquarium that was listed in many magazines.

Our room had a view of the Cathedral of the back side. Despite being the middle of February, it wasn’t very cold. Perhaps 40 degrees? I would say that’s lucky.


After we unpacked, we had walked around Mitte Berlin until we came across this pub, and stopped here for dinner.  The location was just around the corner from the museums, tucked away in some tiny street.

We started off with some drinks, and for dinner, Stephen ordered the Currywurst, a sausage covered in curry ketchup, while I had the pork in mushroom sauce. For dessert, we shared a streudel.

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