Day 2: Neues Museum

Stephen is really into Egyptology, and Berlin has one of the largest collections, outside Cairo.  The primary purpose of going to Berlin was to visit the Neues museum so we could see the Egyptian collection and Nefertiti.

We purchased the Museum Pass at the airport’s information desk, which allowed us access to most museums in 3 days visit.  The pass we got also included transportation, and in order to validate the Pass, we had to locate a bus or trolley to activate it.

Stephen spent hours admiring the hieroglyphics and other Egyptian artifacts.  He even described things he remembered seeing when he went to Egypt.

We were able to take as many photographs of the museum, but one area.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph Nefertiti, and they had 3 guards posted to make sure visitors paid attention to that request. While we did not take advantage of all the museums, it came out cheaper to get the 3 day pass instead of buying individual days.  The pass had to be used in consecutive days, and we used 2 of the 3 given days.

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