My 1st German Yelp Event

While doing research on places to visit, I stumbled across a Yelp Berlin event.  They were going to have a coffee “cupping” event on the Wednesday we were in town.  I missed the original response date, but asked the Community Manager if I could be on the wait list, and fortunately, 2 spots opened up.
The demonstration was held at a local coffee house called “No Fire, No Glory”.  We took a lightrail from our hotel and walked 3 blocks in a residential area.  Its definitely a local hangout, with comfy couches and chairs.
The presentation was in German, which the hostess apologized for to me.  The coffee master had the yelpers blindly taste coffee, asking them to identify the quality of the coffee.  Some were store brands, some were premium coffee house quality.
 At the end of the tastings, a quiz or questionnaire was given.  Unfortunately, like the presentation, the survey was in German.  I let Stephen answer for the both of us.