Day 4: Day of Rest + Pergamon Museum

On Day 4, Stephen was exhausted and also was a little sick. So he spent half the day in bed, while I watched the Sochi Olympics. I’m not used to lounging in bed while on vacation, but I think it was what we needed, as we still lots more to do on our trip. Also, we had tickets to the Berlin Philharmonic, which was, perhaps, a dream come true event for Stephen, and he needed to feel better by tonight.

At 3:30 pm I nudged Stephen to see if he was feeling better, and perhaps we could go see the Ishtar Gate since it was our last day of the Museum Pass. He felt up to it, and I’m glad he did. The photos won’t do this any justice.  The museum closed at 5:00, so we wandered around a bit, looking at other antiquities before heading to the Philharmonic.

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