Munich: BMW Welt + quick trip to Salzburg, Austria

It’s our final leg of our trip and we went to visit the world-famous BMW museum and factory tour. The BMW location is divided into 2 sections: the tour is free, and the museum is €10.00. Unfortunately in the factory tour we were not allowed to bring in any recording device or camera.  However, in the museum and show room, we got to touch all of the products, and see the history of this automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.

The museum took you through the history of BMW, and the timeline of their cars.


There was also a section of their engines and their bikes.

Salzburg, Austria

Following the tour, we had a bite to eat at one of the BMW cafe’s and noticed it was still early.  I talked Stephen into driving to Salzburg, Austria, which was about a 2 hour drive from Munich.  We didn’t know it was going to rain, and, we also didn’t really have an agenda.  So we drove there, and got a little confused where to park. We did located the birthplace of Mozart, took a photo and then drove back to Munich. Next time we need to have a better plan.