Via Tribunali, Seattle, WA

I’m not one to give away 5 stars but this place was amazing. I thought the service and food was outstanding. It didn’t hurt that we also had a great deal from TravelZoo which was 2 starters, one pizza to share and one dessert to share for $29.

For the starters we chose the prosciutto and melon, and the veal meatballs. The melons were nice and cold, complimented the meat. Stephen really enjoyed the meatballs, commenting the meal was hand chopped and mixed as the consistency of the meat was not even, making each bite different.

Typically when I visit a gournet pizza place, my go-to choice is the Margherita, because its simple and the fresh ingredients should ideally mix well together. The pizza we ordered was the Margherita D.O.C, which is the one with the buffalo mozzarella, and the pizza reminded me of my time in Italy. This pizza was simply perfect!  The pomodoro tasted like it was literally just pureed minutes beforehand and the ingredients made my mouth smile.

A few yelpers complained the middle of the pizza is a bit soggy, which is true, but the crust is thin which can’t be helped, unfortunately.  

For dessert we shared the Mezza Luna, which is a nutella calzoni.  A perfect dessert, not too sweet, but just a hint of the nutella to compliment the dough.  We added 2 coffees (americanos) and left very satisfied.

Perhaps 5 stars may seem overly generous, but I truly can’t complain about my dining experience here.  The food was amazing, the service was very good, and they even accommodated us without a reservation.  I may have thought $3.00 for my americano was a bit high (tiny cup, no refill) but since my experience reminded me of my European trip, its almost like having a cup in Italy, and there’s no refills there either. Toss in the Travelzoo “groupon” and this became the best deal in Seattle!

  • 913 E Pike St
    Seattle, WA 98122

    b/t Broadway & 10th Ave
    Capitol Hill, First Hill

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