Day 3: New York City

We decided to make a day at the famous Metropolitan Museum, or more famously known as “The Met”. We kicked started our day with breakfast at Juniors, located at Grand Central Terminal.  The original is in Brooklyn and there’s another location in midtown. The breakfast was decent but the best part was the cheesecake! Omg was it delicious!

Corned beef and egg breakfast sandwich
One of the best cheesecake ever!

Originally we were going to take a taxi to The Met, but since we were already at Grand Central Terminal, we decided to take the subway.  I mean, every tourist should experience a New York subway ride, right??  Unfortunately, due to my sense of  (or lack of) direction, I took my parents and Stephen on the wrong train.  We were heading away from the City, and after 2 transfers, we finally made it to 86th Street, the stop we needed for the Museum Mile.


The Museum Mile

The museum wasn’t that close to the subway station, but we did finally get there.  We checked in our coats, and got our tickets.  The suggested donation to The Met is $25, but you can give less.  Knowing that we wouldn’t see everything, we donated $10.

View from the steps of The Met


Coat Room


This is what we came here for!

We spent most of our time in the Egyptian collection….






And Stephen found a map and was able to describe his experience when he was in Egypt:

Eventually we made it out of Egypt, and saw “classic” art from greats like Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, etc.








Stephen with Van Gogh

Thank goodness for groupon!!    I came here with a Groupon, so I’m very happy I did not pay full
price. Even with a $120 voucher, we still had to pay an additional $92, which would not have been bad if the food was above average.

read some of the reviews on yelp, so I knew the service will be slow. I
did not change my 3 star rating is based on service, but on the food. The
presentation of the food was great, but it was extremely greasy.  I have
been to high end steak houses, and never have received steak that gave
me a stomachache after eating. Despite asking for medium rare, the steaks were rare, as in cold center, making the steaks taste even greasier.

parents had the 212 premium platter, which was a sharable platter of 2 ounces Kobe beef, 10 ounces wagyu Australian skirt steak and 6 ounce wagyu striploin.  Stephen and I shared the 28
ounce T-bone steak. They were adequate size if you were not hungry, but
you definitely needed to add the side dishes. The side dishes were
shareable for two people, but no more than that.

The Kobe beef was awful.  I’ve had genuine Kobe, and this tasted like pure fat.  It was also on the cold side, so it tasted like lard.  As I said, I’m glad I had the Groupon. I was not impressed, even though they had “Kobe” and Wagyu beef.

The 28oz T-bone

The 212 Platter

Cauliflower au gratin

Potatoes au gratin


Thank goodness we didn’t pay full price!
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