Leaving Manhattan for Fishkill, NY

New York City is a place where you can always find something to do.  This visit was too short, but we did accomplish a lot.  We spent most of our time in Midtown, and got to see
– Radio City Music Hall
– Rockefeller Center
– Times Square
– Chrysler Building
– Bryant Park
– Empire State Building
– Metropolitan Museum
– Macy’s
– Window dressings of Lord & Taylor

We also ate the typical NY fare:
– had a mile high sandwich and soup from a NYC deli
– tasted a cheesecake
– ate at a NYC steakhouse
– had breakfast at a NYC diner (and I had a NYC bagel

We used the subway, and even Uber car service.  Now, it was time to leave Manhattan and drive north to Fishkill, NY, to attend my cousin’s wedding. Renting a car in Manhattan, especially during the Christmas time is not cheap.  I checked Costco and other places and a mid size car was about $97 a day.  My dad had an offer from Hertz and was able to rent an SUV for a decent rate.  The bonus was the rental location was 4 blocks from the hotel.

My driver’s view of NYC

After circling the various one way streets to pick up my mom and Stephen at the hotel, we finally made it on the road.  Fishkill is about 2 hours from Manhattan, so by the time we made it there, it was lunchtime, and we decided to have lunch at Cracker Barrel, located off the Highway 9. 



Chicken fried steak, fried apples, mac n cheese
Biscuit or cornbread?
Chicken tenders, corn, and potatoes
Pecan Pie

What we didn’t realize was the Cracker Barrel was also located 2 minutes from the hotel, actually across the boulevard. We checked in, and later that evening attended a get together with both sides of the family at a pub called “The Stadium” located in the town of Garrison, about 20 minutes from Fishkill.  The food was ok (buffet style) but there’s a ton of baseball memorabilia in there, including signed stuff from NYY players like Joe DiMaggio.  I may be a West Coast snob, but I do appreciate seeing things from legendary players.