Outlet shopping and the Wedding!

My cousin’s wedding wasn’t until 1:00 pm, so we had time to run over to the outlet mall in Woodbury, NY.  The outlet mall is located about 45 minutes from the hotel, and no matter what route you took, the state made you pay tolls.  Seriously $1.50 here and there added up, not to mention it was quite irritating to stop and pay over and over again.

I wanted to check out the Ted Baker London store, as there’s not many outlets that I know of.  The only Ted outlet I’ve been to was in Las Vegas, and it truly was a great outlet store, with clothes that were in the retail stores, unlike some so-called outlets which have clothes made just for the outlets, and were never in the retail location.

Even though it was the week of Christmas, the Woodbury outlet was pretty empty at 9:30 am.  We had our pick of a parking spot.  They have many high end names from Tory Burch, Gucci, Prada, Ugg, Jimmy Choo, Coach, YSL… it was a high end shopper’s paradise.  I heard that even though its a high end outlet, not all of the merchandise are quality items. Sometimes it is better to buy the merchandise for full price at the retail store, than get inferior quality.  However, if you just want to show off the label, this is a good place to get them.

Was it worth the drive?? I think so.  I was able to find a darling waistcoat (vest) for Stephen, which he wore to the wedding.





Ted Baker London

We made it back in time to change and get ready for the wedding.  My cousin got married in a small church in Garrison.





Even though it was a Catholic church, the wedding was an abbreviated Mass, so the whole ceremony took about 1/2 hour.  There was no communion received.


The Reception immediately followed at the Garrison Golf Club.  The venue wasn’t ready for us when we arrived, but a little after 3:00, they served a buffet of hot and cold appetizers, which was a good thing! While the venue was very nice, the food service was slow… so slow that the dancing began before the dinner.  I’m glad we were given food, or I would have probably passed out from waiting.

Cheese, fruit and nuts


Cheese, fruit and nuts


Hot appetizers: pulled pork, brisket, mac n cheese, cornbread, and coleslaw


Sesame chicken sticks


Winter squash soup




Braised beef

Congratulations, Amy & Mike!


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