Heavy Metal “Burgs” at Grill ‘Em All

Grill ‘Em All started off as a food truck as was also the winner of the Great Food Truck Race, season 1. They ran as a food truck until they opened this store in Alhambra, retiring the food truck, except for special exceptions.

The name and menu are derived from heavy metal songs. For example the name Grill Em All came from the song, Kill Em All. The burgers (or Burgs) are also from heavy metal references, which I had no clue which ones. These 1/2 pound burgers are supposed to be unique, with ingredients not always found in a typical burger.

Although I have been coming here for over 3 years, the reason for this particular visit was I had a Groupon which was expiring soon. In the past I’ve had the Immortal and the Anvil Fries. This visit I decided to get the commonly plain Winger, which is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, sauce and pickles. Its so wimpy, they once called it the Hannah Montana.  While decidedly plain compared to the rest of the menu, it was still very good.

Stephen had the High on Fire, a 1/2 pound burger with bleu cheese, shredded buffalo chicken and wing sauce. It was not spicy at all, in fact tangy and quite good. Both Burgs were quite messy. We still had to pay tax, but with the Groupon, the meal came to $14 for both of us.  
Grill ‘Em All is located at:
19 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801
Located across from Edwards Cinema
The Winger with fries
High on Fire

Groupon was good for $25, and we still had to pay tax.

Past Burgs and sides my friends and I have tried

Burg of the month: The Thin Lizzy


Napalm Death

Anvil Fries

Exciter salad

Dee Snider

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