Blaze: Build your own pizza

Build-Your-Own Pizza places are now all the rage.  You literally tell the employee what you want, and they make your pizza in an assembly line type format like Subway or Chipotle.  There’s a bunch in Orange County, from Pieology, Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Rev, Pizza Studio, and Blaze Pizza.

Blaze is a franchise, and taking over major malls.  This location in Santa Ana opened up December 3, 2014 and is located just under the food court, next to DogHaus and Chicos.  Every Blaze pizza experience has been the same, and consistent.

So, “How do you Blaze?”

If you plan on adding a lot of toppings, choose the “Build your own” Pizza for $7.95.
If you want 1 topping, they charge you less, and if you want just cheese, it’s even cheaper.
Can’t decide?  They have their Signature pizzas, with the ingredients already listed, also for a flat $7.95.

First step: 
What kind of dough do you want? 
Unlike other DIY pizza places, which offers a variety of dough, Blaze offers a common dough, but they do offer gluten free for an extra cost.

Then choose the sauce (or sauces) you want.  Some people go 1/2 and 1/2.  I’m more of a traditionalist and cover the pizza with one sauce, typically the classic red which is basically tomato sauce.

Add your cheese (they offer more than just mozzarella). 
Then add your toppings.  They have a variety of meats and vegetables.

After your creation is made, the staff will take it to the oven to get cooked.
The process takes but a few minutes, so after you’re done paying, chances are your pizza should be ready by the time you get your soft drink, and maybe find a seat.

My creation!
Cooking in the oven
Cheap eats!!
Our pizzas are done

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