Ordering Starbucks drinks thru the mobile app

Starbucks is making it very convenient by allowing you to order your food and drinks via their Mobile App.  While getting my chai this morning, the baristas were handing out cards, promoting this new ordering system. I guess it was “about time” Starbucks created this feature.  I already get my pet food at PetSmart by ordering online, and picking up at my convenience, so why shouldn’t my local coffee house offer the same idea?  

So while waiting for my drink, I decided to check out how easy it is to order my drink thru my iPhone (sorry Android users, you have to wait, as always). First step: Locate your Starbucks

Then, find your beverage.

If you like the way they make the drink, hit continue. Otherwise, customize it the way you like it.
 In my case, Starbucks makes the drinks too sweet. So I changed the 4 Chai to 3, and changed the 2% Milk to Soy Milk.  

Changing “2% Milk” to “Soy Milk”

If everything looks right, then hit continue.  Pay for your drink in advance using your Starbucks card, and pick up your drink 2-6 minutes later (which is about how long it takes for me to walk to the store).

Currently, the store cannot accommodate “personal cups” requests, as they make the drinks in advance.  They also cannot allow you to pay with your Starbucks “rewards”.  Those features you need to do in person.

I wonder how many Starbucks customers with the app will be doing this? Will this make things easier for the customer?  And, how hot will drinks be, if you order ahead of time?

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