Ojai: Beatrice Wood Center

The Beatrice Wood Center is the former home and studio of the named artist, author and potter, and this center is opened Friday to Sundays from 11:00-5:00. A mutual friend of ours was participating in “The President’s Show”, presented by the American Ceramic Society of So Cal (ACS SoCA). Having no plans of our own, we drove the 2 hours from the South Bay to check it out.
The 405-North entering Sherman Oaks

The GPS navigated us onto the 126 freeway instead of the 101 freeway to avoid the traffic.  We did not realize that Ventura County had so much open space and agriculture.
As we entered the Ojai area, the GPS informed us that we made it to the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts.  Unfortunately the banner that showed the Center was facing the opposite way, as if we were coming from the Ojai Village.

Upon negotiating the road, there’s a sign that blends into the natural setting.  Follow the correct direction to get to the Beatrice Wood Center.  Upon arrival, create your own parking space.

Picturesque backyard with unfinished artwork from students

Artist Susan Spohr

Acorn One

Close up of the mouse

Organic One

David Orr


There were other pieces which caught my eye. Some whimsical, others just practical

Latern, Mindy Hickman

Krazy Wabbit, Gina Lawson Egan

The scenery around the Center


The Studio

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