Ojai: Lavender Festival

We were at a nearby event, and did not realize that the Ojai Lavender Festival was also the same day. After we left the Beatrice Wood Center, we headed to the Ojai Village to check out the festival. Not all the vendors were selling lavender based goods. Many were crafts or jewelry which had nothing to do with lavender. 
We heard traffic was horrendous earlier that day. Fortunately we arrived around 4:30, when the festival was winding down, and most of the people were leaving Ojai.  We were fortunate to find parking about a block away, and the park was not crowded at all.
We spent about 45 minutes in the Ojai Village, and that was quite adequate for me.  The entire village was perhaps a mile or two, and had one main drag, which contained the popular shops and restaurants.  They had one picturesque post office, which was near the Libby Park, where the festival was held.
Various vendors
Lavender by the bunch $5
Lavender Lemonade

Fair Trade wear from Nepal

Lots of shade

Pixie the Pigmy Goat