Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA

On Friday, August 21, my friend Anita got a group together for an Angels baseball game.  What was even more of a surprise was it was Stephen’s first Major League baseball game… ever!  He has been to an MLB stadium, but going to a Ducks vs Kings hockey game at Dodger’s Stadium  didn’t really count as his first MLB game.

We entered the parking lot off Katella and Gene Autry Way. Parking is normally $10, but since it was his first visit, I splurged and got VIP parking for $20,and parked 3 rows from Gate 1, which is where our seats were on the 3rd base side.

Rather than entering through the 3rd base gates, we took that extra step and walked toward the front and went through the Home Plate gate, so he could see the iconic Big Red hats, the giant MLB Mickey statue (from the 2010 All Star Game) and the main entrance itself. There was a photographer standing in the area, and we asked her to take a picture of us standing in front of the entrance and the hats. The girl took down our seat location, and said she would deliver the photo by the 7th inning.

Entrance off Katella Avenue and Gene Autry
Let’s Go Halos!

The Mickey from the 2010 All Star Game
Field level seats, 3rd base side

It was giveaway night, and as we walked through the turnstiles, the staff handed us red Angels baseball hats.  Before heading to our seats, we walked the lower level, showing Stephen most of the stadium.  We asked an usher to take a picture of us and the field level, and told him it was Stephen’s first MLB game.  The usher told us that if we went to Guest Relations, they will give him a 1st time visitor certificate. Who knew?  It only took a moment to get the certificate, and as we walked out of Guest Relations, we also saw a Mike Trout life size bobble head.

We had to go up 2 levels to our seats in the Club Level.  The seats were really nice, even cushioned, and the section even had in-seat waiter service (which we didn’t use).  Unfortunately, the game was slow (much slower than hockey) so at the bottom of the 2nd, we walked around the Club Level.  There wasn’t much to offer in the Club level, just a few concession stands, and access to the Knot Hole Club, which was just a fancy, high priced restaurant located behind the foul pole in the 1st base side. 

We ended up getting our free hot dogs (that came with the seat promotion), and added a grilled cheese sandwich to our dinner for $7.50.  The cheese sandwich was rubbery, as it had been sitting there.  I would have gladly waited for a fresh one, had they offered it.  We sat outside by the bar area and watched a few innings on the bar’s tv before heading back to the seats.

Even though the Angels lost to Toronto 9-2, we had a good time.  We spent more time playing on our phones, posting on Facebook, than watching the game. However, we were good fans and we did stay until the last inning.  The perk  for staying until the end was it didn’t take long to exit the near empty parking lot.

It probably isn’t Stephen’s cup of tea, but at least he can say he’s been to a Major League Baseball game. Maybe if another occasion  permits, we can visit Dodger’s Stadium for a baseball game this time.

Stephen with the Mike Trout bobble head

View from our seats, Club sec 311
They sell grilled cheese sandwiches? Who knew?
Panoramic view of the stadium from our seats
Souvenir photo, commemorating Stephen’s first MLB game

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