ADA Room at The Cosmopolitan: Las Vegas, Nevada

I received an offer from the Cosmopolitan Hotel for a free room, and couldn’t resist accepting the free room for September.  I was just there back in June, so I gave this free room to Stephen’s mother, while we booked a room at Caesar’s Palace, located 2 hotels away.

So, why blog about this stay?

First, this room is a standard room with 2 beds, and without a balcony, and
Secondly, it is an ADA room, which is a specially modified room to accommodate people with disabilities.  

When I checked in, I asked if we could get a higher floor, and facing the Bellagio hotel, instead of the Aria/ Strip.  Sara was very accommodating, and found the room on the 49th floor, facing Bellagio, and it was also an ADA room.  Quite honestly, it was nicer than our room at the exclusive Nobu Hotel, Caesar’s Palace.

The standard room was smaller than the balcony room we had last time, but this room had more storage for personal items.  Even though it was nice to have a balcony, the view from this room was worth the savings.

The bathroom was ADA modified, where the towel rack was lower, there was no bathtub, and the shower had a curtain instead of a steam shower with a heavy glass door. The toilet was inside the bathroom area, instead of being in its own room. 

The closet was also modified where the hangers were lower, and the cubby holes were also lower. Aside from those modifications, the room was absolutely fantastic.  I give Cosmopolitan another “thumbs up” and still say its my favorite hotel on the Strip.

Higher floor, facing Bellagio
View from room 4937
Double beds

More storage than the balcony room didn’t have

ADA bathroom with lower towel rack

ADA shower

Same great ammenities

ADA closet, with lower hangers

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