LAX to Germany bound!

Tom Bradley was once the mayor of Los Angeles. He was an African American mayor, and a very popular one, which is probably why this airport terminal is named after him.

Recently this terminal did a major renovation, and added lots of named brand stores and restaurants. The last time I was here was February 2014, they were just finishing up with the construction and adding stores, like Chanel, Burberry, Hermes, and such stores you would find in Beverly Hills.

Now that this international terminal is completely done, it’s an easy incentive to arrive early, check in your luggage, do some (window) shopping, and ease your way to your gate. At the Duty Free shop, we looked at the candies, liquor and perfumes. I even came across a jar of Nutella to give to my German friends Robert and Uwe. Sure, they have Nutella, but perhaps not this jar!

So, now I’m waiting to board my flight, and sipping my overpriced (even by Starbucks standards) grande chai latte near gate 157. It’s going to be a long day, but hey, it beats any day of going to the office! 


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