Thank goodness for inflight wifi!

I’m pretty fortunate to have traveled to many places over my life. I have no problem sleeping on the plane or keeping myself occupied. Like most travelers, I can watch the movies the airline provides (in this case I’m watching “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”) or even listen to my iPod to keep myself entertained.

Fortunately, now thanks to modern technology, travelers aren’t limited to just video on demand or airline music. Now, wifi is available inflight and now I can surf the net, AND watch movies, watch select tv programs, or listen to music. It really helps me pass the time.

So, after the snack and beverage service, Lufthansa offered wifi service to mobile devices. For €17, I have 24 hours of usage (my flight is a total of 10 or 12 hours, i think?) and I can use it on my connection flight (if wifi is offered on the next plane). It’s such a small price to pay for modern travel comfort!

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