Food (and drinks) on Lufthansa 

If you travel, you know that domestic carriers like American, Delta and United don’t offer anything free aside from a can of soda. Perhaps JetBlue is one exception, where you get a variety of snacks, but anything more substantial is out of pocket.

When traveling overseas to Europe, I prefer to travel with a non Domestic carrier such as Air France, British Airway, or Lufthansa. Here’s why:

Shortly after takeoff, we were given a bag of crackers and a choice of beverage, ranging from juice, soda, water, tea, and beer. Beer? Yes, beer! German beer to be exact. International carriers offer beer, wine, and other light alcoholic beverages at no additional cost, even Aeromexico provided Dos Equis to the customers.

Later, about an hour after the snack, we were served dinner. The choice I had was a “beef teriyaki” and it may be spicy, or a pasta with tomato sauce. I chose the beef, and it was far from being “teriyaki”, but more of a pseudo cheesesteak with jalapeños, served with a side of wild rice, salad, dessert (tiramisu?), cracker, cheese and bread.

Stephen ordered the pasta, which was exactly what it said: large macaroni with a tomato sauce and cheese. Neither dish were good, but at least it was hot and served its purpose. 


To drink, I just had a Diet Coke while Stephen chose a glass of red wine. And then, following dinner we were offered coffee or tea, plus cognac or Bailey’s Irish cream. 

About 2 hours later, the flight attendants came by to rehydrate us with water and juice, and Toblerone Swiss chocolate nougat bars… And we still have 5-1/2 hours left for the flight! I say, not bad so far.


We were told there’s other snacks and drink in the galley, and to stop by. 

An hour before landing in Frankfurt, we received a hot breakfast, and then had just a few minutes to prepare for landing.