Munich: Rubenbauer Restaurant

We had to return our car rental, and the return office was located a block from the Central train station. Walking back from the car return, we decided to cut through the Station, and once again decided to take a look inside Rubenbauer.

Unlike our first night, where we had a Döner at the food court, we spied the more formal restaurant located in the back of the shops. The restaurant had a lot of different traditional German food, and even Bavarian meals.

I ordered the Munich Roast Pork, which came with 2 different dumplings, a bread and a potato, along with a pickled cabbage salad with bacon.

Stephen had the Bavarian Brotzeitbrettl, which is like a charcuterie platter, consisting of  Bavarian smoked pork, cold Leberkäse, Obatzta, Emmental cheese, Bavarian-style meatburger made of veal, cold roast meat, pickles, horseradish, butter, and bread. He paired it with a German Lager.

Both our meals were excellent! We barely finished our heavy dinner, and had to walk it off. The prices for the food was reasonable, but we were shocked my water was just a tad cheaper than his beer.