The adventure of returning the rental car in Munich

We picked up our rental car at the Munich airport, but chose to return the car at the Central Train station because we were heading to Nurenburg via train. It was also the reason we picked the Fleming’s hotel, as its also located near the train station.

We had to return the car by 6:00 pm, or we would incur an extra day penalty. It was 4:30, and we thought we had plenty of time. The first hurdle in returning the car was finding a gas station. We found one 0.2 miles from our hotel, but the station was not on a major street. It was hidden in the corner of a small street, across from an office building. Plus, it was rush hour and the GPS had me make quirky, quick turns which I kept missing on the account I wasn’t pushy enough to make that needed turn in traffic.

We finally found a gas station, and it had diesel. Unlike California, where you prepay or pay at the pump, over here you pump your gas first, then go inside to pay.

First hurdle accomplished! Now to return the car.

It was getting close to 5:15 (yes, traffic in the city was that bad). The car rental place said München Hauptbahnhof, which was about 0.2 miles away. We found out it was a block north of the train station, tucked behind a funky hotel in a car park.   Traffic was still bad, and we sat through 2 missed lights before navigating onto a tiny street. Lucky we spied a multi colored building. Beneath the building was a sign with car logos, and we found the autopark at 5:30 pm… Just in time, and with half hour to spare.

Can we say… Whew?!



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