The better “3 im Weckla”: Nürnberg or Regensburg ?

Yesterday we were in Nurenburg trying their famous 3 in a roll bratwurst, known in German as 3 im Weckla, at their Bratwursthäusle near San Sanbald. Today, on our tour, we were told that Regensburg has the oldest Bratwursthäusle , dating back 800 years. How could we not stop here and compare these two rival sandwiches?

The tiny restaurant is located a half block down the river from the Stone Bridge. If you are looking at the bridge, go right and you can’t miss the place, as you will smell the smokey goodness coming from the chimney.  Like Nurenburg, they also sell the sandwich for €2,50– but if you get it to go. They do offer table service and with a small inside and outside seating.  Prices for sit down are higher.

You step into the kitchen and order your bratwurst. Unlike Nuremburg, who only gave me 3 sausages in a bun and nothing else, Regensburg asked if I wanted sauerkraut and sweet mustard. Sure, why not?  Oh my goodness was that sandwich good!! I am not a fan of mustard, and that sweet Bavarian mustard worked great with those tiny brats.  The sauerkraut was insanely good, too.   All this for just €2,50?

So which one is better? Quite honestly both were delicious. Nurenburg had a little more smokier flavor, however, Regensburg offered me sauerkraut and mustard, so for an added bang to my buck, I’m giving the Historic Regensburg Bratwursthäusele the thumbs up.  The sweet Bavarian mustard was so good, Stephen added more to his sandwich. I think if he could drink it, he would.