A BUS trip to Passau, Germany?

Who knew that Europe was suffering a drought like California? Ok, perhaps not that bad but the river water levels are low, which is affecting the river cruises.  Viking River Cruise has experienced low water levels and as of today, our ship is waiting to hear what the fate of our cruise will be.

Currently, we are taking a bus from Regensburg to Passau, about an hour and a half bus ride. We were supposed to have left Regensburg last night, arriving Passau today. As you can see, that didn’t happen as we spend our night in Regensburg instead.

Our day 4 schedule said we were to depart by bus at 8:45 to Passau for the tour. Those who didn’t want to take the bus ride had to stay aboard the ship in case it could reposition.

So what does that mean? 

If the water level is too low, and the Viking Var couldn’t make it to Passau, we would return to the ship, pack our luggage, and the next day relocate via bus to swap with another ship to complete our cruise. Our crew would not transfer with us, and we would get a whole new staff. Hopefully by noon we will know if it’s status quo, and we continue on to our next destination on board the Viking Var.