The Taste of Austria dinner

Our dinner for night 4 was served much later than scheduled, since our tour bus and ship didn’t make the connection until 9:00pm. The dining room was not full, as I am sure many passengers called it a night after our long day. Our dinner was buffet style, and there was a variety of Austrian themed food. The first station had a variety of bread, followed by 2 different dumplings and the pork items: roast pork and the schnitzel, and sauerkraut.  At the end of the station was soup: a beef consommé with a dumpling, similar to what we had for lunch. Following the entrees was a meat, cheese, and salad station, followed by a variety of desserts.  There were other menu items not on the buffet, which you could order at the table.


Across from the dessert station were 3 bottles of Schnapps, and house wines.  Placed on the table were pretzels, dried sausage and jars of cheese.  Even though I was tired, it was worth staying up for dinner.

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