Woohoo, great news for Viking Var passengers!

This morning, when we left the Viking Var on a bus for Passau, we left not knowing if the water level would improve. We were not sure if we had to come back to the ship to pack and move to another ship, or if things would be all clear for continued passage on the same ship.

Well, at lunchtime we had good news: the water level was just at an accepted level, and Viking Var was leaving Regensburg to meet us at a different pick up location. At 5:30, we departed by bus from Passau to a port in Deggendorf. Program Director Tanya made arrangements for our group to stop at a restaurant in Vilshafen for cake and coffee, so the ship could catch up.

Stephen selected our cakes: a chocolate cake that was similar to Black Forest Cherry cake, and a Strawberry-Rhubarb Streusel cake.  We paired it with coffee, and used the restaurant wifi to kill time we waited to move on.


We finally got the signal to move on. Unfortunately when we got to the dock, the captain called Tanya saying the water level there was too low, and the ship couldn’t dock there. So we had to move to a new location about 6km away. Our bus arrived before the ship. The passengers were getting restless, and fortunately the local musicians Viking hired also arrived. They went ahead and unpacked their gear, and began serenading the passengers.

Moments later, Viking Var pulled into the port. Five buses of weary, but happy passengers boarded the ship, and was greeted with cups of Glühwein and the visiting Folk musicians. It was a long day but at least we got great news out of it.  Tomorrow’s stop: Melk Abbey