Vienna, Austria: Why take the metro, when you can walk?

At the end of the bus/walking tour, the tour guide stop in front of Saint Stephen’s Cathedral and gave us half hour to look around and meet back for the bus ride to the ship. Or, you could part ways and find your own way back. We chose to stay behind and explore. We checked out the Cathedral, shared a huge schnitzel, checked out lots quirky stores, bookstores and shops, even stopped for Sacher torte cake and Viennese coffee.

To get back to the ship, the tour guide suggested taking the metro for €2,20 and getting off at Vogartenstr, but after looking at the map, we chose to walk. Supposedly it was a 45- minute walk. The weather was cool and it wasn’t raining… Why not?  We saw places that you can’t see on the metro.  We walked through alleys, residential areas, crossed bridges and even got a little lost.  No matter! We had our trusty phones to guide us back to the ship.


Map of where we need to get to

About a half mile from the dock, we even spied a rather unusual green place!  Yes, that’s marijuana, hemp, or pot tree in the window… just like how you would find a ficus tree at Home Depot.

FINALLY … We eventually made it to the ship!

So how long was the walk? It only took 1-1/2 hours to walk from the city center. According to the iPhone app, we walked close to 10 miles that day. We sure burnt off the schnitzel calories.

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