Budapest: Prestige Hotel

Our cruise is may be over, but we are extending our stay in Budapest by one day.

Our hotel, the Prestige Hotel, is located just a few minutes walk from the ship, but with luggage and a steep incline, we chose to take a taxi, which cost €10,00. Well worth the cost, as the walk would have included cutting through another river boat cruise ship, and dragging luggage uphill.

It is a fairly new hotel, and the inside of the hotel is simply stunning. Their motto is “classic elegance” and I couldn’t agree more. From the moment you step inside, to the time you walk to your room, there is a statement of class and elegance.

As we were checking in, we were told our room ready, and we were given an upgraded room. What an upgrade!! It was from a standard room to suite. Our room was 316 and the first greeting you get is a set of stairs leading you down to a sitting area.

    As with most European hotels, insert your key to power your room.
 As you walk down the stairs, a large armoire greets you with a Nespresso machine for coffee and tea. The first set of coffee /tea is free, then the front desk will give you more for a fee.  There is also a safe, towels for the Relaxation room, and robes.

 Once downstairs, there’s also a desk and sitting area. On the desk, complimentary welcome water and a block of dark chocolate.

The only one thing this hotel overlooked is there are no USB ports. There’s plenty of (euro) outlets, which worked just fine, but you would think a small detail could not be overlooked. Also, a simple soap dish was missing. 

 The Prestige Hotel Budapest also provides high speed wifi.  Fast… Really fast.. And free! 

 The hotel  is located at: H-1051, Budapest, Vigyázó Feremc u 5

It’s less than 5 minutes to the St. Stephen’s Basilica, the Budapest Eye, the shopping and restaurants. For those who want comfort junk food, Starbucks, Subway, KFC, Burger King and McD’s are nearby as well. 

Check sites like Trivago for the best rates. They offer rooms with and without breakfast. 

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