Going meatless at Veggie Grill

Totally Meatless? For real?

That was my first initial reaction when we walked into Veggie Grill. This place isn’t just vegetarian, its vegan… as in no products from animals, including milk, cheese, eggs. The food is all plant based.  What can I eat then?  Apparently, there’s plenty to choose from, if you go with an open mind. They had all sorts of “food” from mac n cheese to chickin’ fingers to “crab” cakes.

We decided to share the Crispy Cauliflower and the Sweetheart Fries, which were sweet potato fries.  For my entree, I chose the B-wing salad which is a salad with Buffalo “chicken”, and Stephen had the Santa Fe chickin’ sandwich with cole slaw.

The food was very good and beautifully presented.   Yes, you can tell you’re not eating chicken, as the protein isn’t chunky as the real thing. However, the sauce was the key factor in masking the plant item.  The buffalo sauce I had was nice and spicy, and each bit made me want to eat more.  The salad was well, a salad, and worked well with the buffalo chickin’.

The cauliflower was served with the sauce on the side.  We dumped the sauce onto the vegetable, and it reminded me of the orange sauce you get at Panda Express.  It was a little sweet, a little tangy, and just a slight slight kick to it.  The sweet potato fries were excellent as well.  Not greasy, and naturally sweet, yet savory with the salt.

Stephen liked his Santa Fe Chickin’ sandwich.  It came with a generous scoop of guacamole and pico de gallo, which gave it the flavor to mask it wasn’t chicken.

The downside of eating “healthier” is this place isn’t cheap.  Lunch cost almost $40 with drinks, and their drinks are natural beverages like teas and lemonade, so no sodas here.  Technically, it may not even be “healthy” as the items we got were fried.  So in calories, I am probably eating the same as getting fried food at any fast food place.  Overall, the place works. If you’re trying to go meat free for a day, it’s totally possible with food like this.  I do love my chicken, but occasionally I can see myself stopping for the chickin’ buffalo wings and cauliflower as a meal.


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