Pittsburgh: the Monongahela Incline to Mt. Washington 

We walked out of Primati Brothers full and satisfied.  It was such a beautiful day we decided to continue our exploration after lunch to find the Mount Washington outlook point.  Locals told us to take the Transit to Station Square, which cost $2.50 per person one way.   While we were handing our ticket to the station person, she stopped one of us to ask where we were going.  Apparently, we get a free transfer to the Monongahela Incline!



The Monongahela Incline ran every few minutes, and there were 3 compartments per tram, with a capacity of 8 passengers per compartment.  The Mt. Washington outlook was just a few 100 feet from the Incline, and fortunately for us, it was a nice sunny day, and we could see across the river.  After our group photo, half of the group went to find a Hard Rock Cafe, while the rest returned to the hotel to get ready for our Super Bowl watch party at Buford’s Bar and Grill.