Dos Chinos opens Sit Low Pho 

This story starts off with the birth of a little food truck called Dos Chinos. The owner Hop Phan’s reputation got him featured in national magazines, and then on various Food Network shows, including Man vs Child, where he was challenged by three children chef protégés who were under 15 years old.  This is what Hop does.  He loves being passionate about food, and he continues to do so with his latest food venture, Sit Low Pho, going back to his Vietnamese roots.

This little store is located inside the 4th Street Market food hall, where Noodle Tramp used to be. The menu is quite simple. You have your appetizers: chicken wings or egg rolls,  and your entrees are beef Phó (Vietnamese noodle soup, served hot) and 2 types of Bún (vermicelli noodle salad, served cold).

I stopped by on a Monday night for a bowl of the Phó.  The broth is made in house, and 3 types of meats are in the soup: New York steak, Angus brisket and housemade meatballs. The brisket and steak are simmered nice and slow so it melts in your mouth.

The only thing that keeps this bowl from being a perfect is the amount of the veggies you get. On my tray was a small pile of bean sprouts, and two quarters of a tiny lime. It look like a toddler had grabbed a handful and place it on my tray. Yes, I get it that they’re trying to prevent food waste, and not everyone likes raw vegetables, but a little more in a food tray boat would’ve been sufficient. Besides, bean sprouts are not that expensive.  I’m sure I could have asked for more, but compared to the big bowl of Phó you get, the spouts are not in proportion.

Aside from the lack of veggies, the bowl of Phó is very generous. You have the option of adding more meat, like a beef rib bone, more brisket or steak, or even a egg. I found the portion served to me more than adequate.

I’m looking forward to going back and try the Bún, and maybe even the chicken wings.  Price for the Phó was just a little over eight dollars, and they’ll give you more broth if you need it.
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