Santa Ana: Panini Cafe

The Ducks had an early Playoff game at 3:00, which meant it was going to be dinner time when the game let out.  I didn’t want to travel too far for dinner, yet I didn’t want to stay too close to the Honda Center because the Angels had a 7:00 game the same day.

The Panini Cafe wasn’t too far, and easy enough to meet up.  I didn’t realize how busy the Mainplace parking was on a Saturday night.  We had to circle the lot, and ended up parking in the adjacent structure.  Was there that many people bowling or going to the gym?

The last time I was here was in March for lunch, where I had the boneless chicken. I remembered the meal tasted better as leftovers, so I decided to choose something else besides their chicken. Karen decided on the chicken wrap with the pasta salad, while Stephen chose the lamb shish kabob with Mediterranean salad and Basmati rice, while I had the single beef koobideh with the avocado salad and Basmati Rice.

The koobideh was delicious and juicy.. .and the single skewer was perfect.  I would order that again for sure, and felt it was better than the chicken. Everyone enjoyed their food, and we left very satisfied, and said they would come back again.