Spring Menu at Veggie Grill

Visiting Veggie Grill may sound healthy, but coming here can be as “healthy” as going to McDonalds.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this place… I’m addicted to their “Buffalo Chickn” and their fried Cauliflower and their Sweet Potato fries… but I still come to Veggie Grill, knowing that my vegan/ plant based meal will be over 1000 calories.

So I came here on a Sunday to check out their new Spring Menu. Stephen already knew what he wanted: The Mediterranean Super Greens salad. I went with my favorite “Buffalo Wings” and added their Tempura Green Beans.

Everything was tasty, and filling.

Aside from the outrageous calories my lunch came to be, I was disappointed at how the staff cleaned their outside dining area though. They would pick up the dirty plates and walk away. No wiping down the tables or sweeping the dropped food and napkins on the floor.


So if you want to eat “healthy” there are lower calorie options like their salad… but be warned that just because its vegan or vegetarian, it doesn’t mean that the menu is better than McDonalds or a box of donuts.

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