Fullerton: Southwest + dessert pizzas at Pieology 

Pieology recently introduced 2 new Southwest pizzas:
– the Chicken Chile Verde, made of green enchilada sauce, red peppers, green chiles, cilantro onion, chicken, topped with green sour cream and
– the Spicy Southwest, made of red enchilada sauce, mozzarella / cheddar cheese, red peppers, jalapenos, cilantro, chicken, and red sour cream.

They also introduced a new dessert pizza: the Chocolate Chip Churro, which is a pizza with cinnamon, Ghiradelli’s chocolate chips, drizzled with gooey sweet condensed milk, priced affordably at $2.50.

We decided to try all 3 pizzas “as is” with no modification. The pizzas were much better than I thought. The Chile Verde was tangy but had just a slight kick. The sour cream really added that nice tang and the ingredients were not too overwhelming.

The Spicy Southwest had a kick to it, and I think next time I’d skip the jalapenos and substitute it with corn to add a sweetness to it.

The dessert pizza was sweet, as it should be. A little slice went a long way for me, so it you want something to “cleanse” your palate, this dessert pizza can easily accommodate more than 4 people.

Overall 3 good pizzas. If you don’t want to “build your own”, this is a good alternative to the ordinary pizza. The savory pizzas are priced as a BYO, so around $9 with tax.

In addition to the dessert pizza, Fullerton introduced Dole Whip in 2 flavors: Pineapple and Strawberry for $2.50. The feedback has been positive, and manager Alexandria said their other locations may soon be offering it for the summer.

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