Santa Ana: Polly’s Pies

Polly’s Pies has many locations throughout Southern California.  It’s a bakery and cafe, serving up comfort food like roast chicken, pot pie, to fresh fruit pies.

I was craving Salisbury Steak and yelped for a place.  Surprisingly, Polly’s came up. So I made a special trip to their Santa Ana location on Friday to resolve that craving.

When you walk inside, the first thing you see is the bakery.  They were baking up fresh pies, which was so incredibly sweet and tantalizing.  The decor has been upgraded since I last visited.  It is now bright and colorful, and made up of tables and booths.  The dining area is open and full of natural lighting.


I chose the “famous” Salisbury Steak plate with macaroni & cheese and green beans & bacon as my 2 sides, while Karen chose the “Plate of the Day”, the Macadamia Crusted Cod filet with rice pilaf and steamed vegetables as her 2 sides.  The dinner came with a choice of fresh dinner rolls or cornbread, but we never got to choose.  The waitress came out with 3 (yes, an odd number considering we had 2 in our party) soft dinner rolls and butter.

Was it the best Salisbury Steak I ever had?  No, but it served its purpose.  With 2 drinks, our total came to $29 before tip.  We skipped on the dessert, but they did look good. Overall, not a bad place, but it’s still not the first place I think of, even for comfort food.